“HI! I’m Rachel D. Greenwell. I’m the owner of IamRockL. I’m the author of How to Wear a Crown. And I’m the creator of my reality”

Rachel is a certified Life & Spiritual Coach. She specializes in metaphysical subjects and helps people navigate their healing journeys.

Aside from being a coach Rachel is an author, a student, and also a person healing from the human condition. Rachel says she is the most proud of being a great wife and mother.

When she isn’t helping others, Rachel enjoys creating art in many forms. She is a painter, a musician, and a writer. She also loves nature, working out, cooking, singing, meditating, and watching movies.

If you knew Rachel personally it would be easy to tell that her biggest priority in life is her family. She met her soulmate Michael in 2011 and they welcomed their baby boy Phoenix into world in 2018. She adores her husband and son and is the happiest when she is with them and their family pets.

Rachel’s biggest personal goal is to show her son an example of what it looks like to follow your dreams and teach him that anything is possible if you believe in yourself. ๐Ÿงก


I am Rock L Life & Spiritual Coaching began in November of 2016 with a small YouTube channel and a big desire to create healing in the world. I am Rock L consisted of a handful of subscribers and horrible unedited videos that would make you cringe.

Today, I am Rock L is a successful and thriving company. It has expanded its outreach to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and is serving local communities through viable and professional partnerships. I am Rock L is a global company serving individuals all over the world.

The name I am Rock L is based on Owner Operator Rachel’s high school nick name given to her by a friend and it represented the Rock Star persona that she strives to be every day. When starting her coaching business, Rachel realized that what she truly desired to give to others is the ability to strive to become the greatest version of themselves just as she did. The company’s name I am Rock L was born.

I am Rock L Life and Spiritual Coaching has a mission to awaken people to their own personal power, help them unlock their fullest potential, assist individuals in becoming the greatest versions of themselves, and to guide people through their unique healing and spiritual journey’s.

I am Rock L Life & Spiritual Coaching services are personalized and unique person centered sessions. They utilize Rachel’s personal experience with self improvement and spiritual practice coupled with formal education to give clients a holistic and balanced approach to healing.

I am Rock L Life and Spiritual Coaching sessions are intended to be a great addition to anyone’s self improvement practice. With a focus in addiction and trauma healing these services are perfect for an individual who is recovering from severe conditions. Rachel’s experience in metaphysical subjects also makes these sessions a great fit for those who are already stable yet have a desire to feel more fulfilled or just take a deeper look into their own soul.

Thank you so much for reading my story and I hope to connect with you soon!

Love you!!!!

Rachel D. Greenwell

Life & Spiritual Coach | Author | Creator ๐Ÿ’š

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