Rachel D. Greenwell

Life & Spiritual Coach | Author | Creator ❤

Worth |Power | Potential

Know your Worth, awaken your personal power, and unlock your fullest potential

Who am I?

Hi I’m Rachel. I’m a life & spiritual coach, an author, and a creator.

I’m the owner of my own business called Rachel D. Greenwell LLC

I wrote a book called How to Wear a Crown: a practical guide to knowing your Worth 👑

I also create self help course on my own online school calked Rachel D Greenwell Academy.

I began by working In mental health and transitioned to coaching after I realized I wanted to do my purpose much bigger than positions at  the non profit organizations allowed.

What makes me a life coach?

My qualifications come from my lived experience with healing and recovery from addiction, mental illness, and trauma. I also have a bachelors of science in psychology from Colorado university and tons of trainings and certifications from my experience in the mental health field.

What makes a me a Spiritual coach?

I have lived experience navigating a spiritual awakening and living with spiritual abilities. But I also acquired a masters of consciousness from the Louisville School of Metaphysics where I learned to be very disciplined about metaphysical practices and learned practical implementation to teach the subjects.

More about me

I have a life coaching certificates from a company called Expert Rating as well.

But aside from all business and professional type stuff….

I’m a mommy, a wife, a good friend, I love music, I love my family, I’m a introvert, I’m a Scorpio, I’m a fur mom, I love to read, I’ve been free from drugs for 7 years, I sing, I like rom com movies, I watch astrology videos on YouTube like other people watch the weather, I’m from Kentucky born and raised, I like fitness and yoga, I like clothes, I like makeup, I like modeling, I love wine and champagne, I love cooking, and I’m constantly doing my own self help work.




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